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Work streams

As well as the key Network activities such as peer-reviewing intensive care units within our network, running a transfer training course, sharing the learning from serious incidents, bi monthly meeting for peer support the Network supports other work-streams that link to quality improvement and better care for patients:

We are currently working on these additional work-streams:

NHS digital

In collaboration with NHS England, we are developing an electronic version of the patient transfer document, currently used in paper form, to capture data around every single patient transfer episode within hospitals and between them. This would make documentation easier and readily available for audit and research purposes.

Medical Training Initiative

We are hoping to recruit non-EU overseas doctors through the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) to address current challenges of junior doctor recruitment and retention. Doing this at a network level would work across all network Hospitals.  This approach is currently supported by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Developing Network Guidelines

We bring together guidelines for various medical interventions from the rich expertise of the Network Hospitals. This helps with the standardisation of care and the sharing of best practice.

Nursing recruitment retention and rotation

We are working to develop a network rotational post for ICU nurses recruited overseas. This would be intended to make North East North Central London an attractive place to come and work for experienced ICU nurses.

Network evaluation 

Please take a few moments to complete our network evaluation via the link below as the information provided is very usefull to us.