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Welcome to our brand new website

Submitted by krrppv on January 25, 2018 - 08:06

Now that our Adult Critical Care Network is up and running and moving forward, we have been able to invest in an upgrade to our website. We have responded to your feedback of what you want from the site. Hopefully this can help with you getting involved in the Network and staying up to date with what’s happening. Some new features for you to look out for;

  • a regular news items page  that you can contribute to
  • events lists for our transfer training and peer reviews
  • the ability to book the transfer training via Eventbrite
  • a log in forum for you so that you can talk with each other in order to sharing idea and information and an opportunity to share  the Network peer review reports.

We are always keen to hear what you think of the site so please keep us updated.

All the best from the Network team