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Getting it right first time

Submitted by Olivera Nikolic on March 14, 2018 - 09:39

We welcomed Dr Anna Batchelor to our COG this week to talk to us about GIRFT (getting it right first time)

The ambition of the programme is to identify areas of unwarranted variation in clinical practice and/or divergence from the best evidence to improve efficiency and the quality of patient care.  Each work stream will culminate in a report and set of national recommendations. This work will also support the development of the Model Hospital (

Caroline Beadle who is the project manager for GIRFT, will be sending  a questionnaire to all clinical leads in the Network Units in order to gather data within the Intensive and Critical Care work stream. A data pack will be prepared for each unit and   ‘deep dive’ visits will be conducted, following which a National Report will be written.

Any queries re GIRFT please feel free to contact Dr Anna Batchelor at or Caroline Beadle who is the project manager for GIRFT